Frequently Asked Questions

Nectar Blending Workshop FAQ’s:

Q. How does it work?

A. For In Home Workshops - Using the registration link, place your order and your Blending Bottle will be waiting for you at your workshop.

A. For Online Workshops - You place your order for your workshop date (3 weeks in advance, especially for those outside of QLD and further distances from Gold Coast). We send you a Nectar Blending Kit to start your Gin blending journey. Then, you attend your workshop and blend your favourite recipe with our Nectar Instructor. Then, you enter your recipe in our online portal and we produce it and sent it to you. Then, when your personalised Gin arrives, you make your favourite cocktail and enjoy!

Q. What does my order include?

A. For In Home Workshops - Your order includes your 200ml or 500ml bottle to blend in, distillates to taste/blend, 30 ml sample to create a cocktail and a 30 ml recipe sample you create to taste test and create a cocktail with. Plus a souvenir glass and tasty savoury Gin related food samples.

A. For Online Workshops - Your order includes a First Shipment of your Nectar Blending Kit:
12 Robust Distillates @ 40% ABV, 1 x 30 ml Wildflower Gin to enjoy with your favourite tonic at your workshop. 1 x 20 ml Nectar Gin Base to blend your final recipe. 3 Blending Cards for trial recipes, Instruction Card and Flavour Chart. 1 x Nectar Ginstronomers Pantry Gin Dip Mix to prepare and enjoy at your workshop with nibbles.

The Second Shipment of your order includes your 500 ml bottle of your personalised Gin and any other add on orders you purchased.

Q. How many people are required for a workshop?

A. Workshops can be booked for friends and family locally or online or both and numbers of guests required is just the Workshop Host and one other guest to receive the Host Benefits. If you are not able to Host a workshop or attend a friend’s workshop, you can join in a regularly scheduled workshop held by your Nectar Instructor online. Your Nectar Instructor will send you a link to register and join in.

Q. Do the Workshop Kits get sent to the Host?

A. For In Home Workshops we deliver to the Host directly at the workshop.

A. For Online Workshops No, all Blending Kits and 500 ml Bottles are sent directly to the purchaser. 

Q. Are there any taxes associated?

A. Excise Tax and GST are included already in the price of the Blending Kit and 500 ml Bottle.

Q. What are the shipping costs?

A. For In Home Workshops - shipping is included as we deliver directly to the host.
A. For Online Workshops - We use flat rate shipping and it will depend on your final order size. Typically it is $25 to include both shipments of your Blending Kit and 500 ml Gin bottle. If you do any add on orders, the shipping price will be adjusted.

Q. Is the company Australian and are products made in Australia?

A. Yes, the company is founded by an Australian Tech Entrepreneur in the Gold Coast, QLD. We employ staff in the local area who create, pack and ship the products.

Q. Can we do workshops in New Zealand or other countries?

A. No, not at this time – we only serve Australia at the moment. However we will continue to evaluate the opportunity to support organisations in New Zealand in the future – please do contact us if you would be interested to be kept informed about this.

Q. When I run out of my Gin, how do I purchase more?

A. Simply email us your recipe and we will send you a link to pay for it including shipping.

Q. How do I return a product?

A. We offer a money back guarantee for product quality and freshness and manufacturing defects. If you are not satisfied for any reason, please contact our Customer Service Team at and we will be happy to guide you through the process.